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Great Lions Limited is a Kenyan registered Human Resources Consultancy firm of international repute providing business solutions to clients in diverse businesses primarily HR and organization related solutions both in the public and private sector. By becoming a steady partner for your business and by challenging you to think differently about your staffing needs, we provide you with the best service and strategy.
Our confidence is based on over-50 years practical experience in the HR realm in various global organizations, as shown in detail in attached profiles of our principal partners. We leverage on their track record in organizations based throughout Africa, continental Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Technical assistance is provided by in-house consultants with vast experience as well as via collaborative agreements with other subject/sector experts and affiliate resource persons.

We are committed to providing quality service to support efficient and effective private, not-for-profit and public sector growth in Africa.

Africa is largely regarded as the new frontier where foreign investment is concerned. Foreign governments and global multinational organizations are investing heavily in the African economies in all sectors both public and private. Most prominent of these is in exploration, transport infrastructure, ICT infrastructure, oil and water, and agriculture.
These investments, of necessity, are driven to fruition by people.

Where are the people in Africa? Are they well organized to deliver their obligations in optimizing these investments? Do they have the right skills, governance and attitude that are required? Are they poised to make Africa the investment destination of choice in the world?


Empowering people and businesses to stay ahead of the market in a constantly changing world


To be Africa’s provider of choice for People and Business solutions


To drive sustainable business performance improvement through providing organizations with optimal, integrated people solutions, in a cost effective manner

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Agility to deliver within agreed timelines


We are who we say we are and we deliver on our word

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Maintain the highest level of confidentiality in our dealings with clients, suppliers, and employees


We create mutually trustful relationships


Being fully accountable for all our business interactions


We deliver integrated solutions tailored for your business

Hire character. Train skill.