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Businesses are often focussed on their core businesses and sometimes are not aware of the extraneous factors that may cause business disruption. We provide insights based on our vast experience, to pre-empt such disruption and remove barriers to success.

Most businesses have defined the Vision, Mission and Values, but unfortunately these remain as ‘pictures on the wall’. We assist organisations to make these come alive by defining the supportive behaviours that underpin the values that are desired by the organisation.

Many organisations have organisation structures that do not optimally support their business goals. We believe that a philosophy must underlie a business model, and we assist businesses to identify that philosophy, define the model and then prescribe optimal, cost-effective organisation structures to deliver the business.

All organisations have a ‘soft side’ that identifies them from other similar organisations in the same line of business. This soft side – the culture – makes one organisation a higher performing business than the other, simply because the people in the organisation are in sync with the culture, are aligned to it and support it in all that they do – does your organisation have a defined culture that the entire team subscribe to in their daily lives?

People go to work for pay. All organisations have pay levels for employees. However, these are sometimes arbitrarily arrived at, or if not, they are based on structures that are perceived to be unequitable. We assist organisations to develop compensation policies in a structured way, where employees feel adequately compensated for their performance.

Many organizations do a great job out there and believe that their achievement of short-term goals ‘says it all’. Long term employer branding is essential for the sustainability of the organization and its achievement of objectives. What would you like your organization to be known for, as an employer? What Employee Value Proposition do you stand by? Is it sufficiently compelling to attract and retain the best talent in the market?

Organizations fail because of insufficient focus on matters ethics and governance. The work ethic and morals of your staff are key to the delivery of your business. The governance structure in place assists staff to develop and internalize the best ‘ways of working’, and we assist businesses to develop such codes of ethics and governance, that also become part and parcel of the culture of the organization.


What cannot be measured cannot be controlled. We assist organizations to establish performance management frameworks so that they can measure the performance of individuals and sub-unit teams, and provide a platform for enhancement of overall performance of the entire team.

All teams will have interdependencies in their operations so they can eventually operate as one. We assist organizations to define such interdependencies and how to hold each other accountable for delivery.

Many organizations have suboptimal organization structures. Most are oblivious as these have not been subjected to individual job analyses and evaluation of the relative sizes of the jobs in the structure. Job evaluation not only leads to having a suitable job grading structure for equitable remuneration purposes but also facilitates structural reorganization to achieve a leaner, flatter, more cost-effective structure. We do this for you!

In contemporary thinking, Reward does not only recognise past performance, but also shapes future behaviours that deliver high performance. We help you design Reward policy that drives future performance.

Whilst this is largely regarded as a thing of the past, we assist organisations that use Balanced Scorecards for their performance management to adopt relevance into the content of their scorecards through customisation, as we believe that ‘not only one size fits all’!

The level of employee engagement in your business determines their productivity and drives overall achievement of results. We help determine levels of engagement, and offer solutions on how to drive up people engagement.

Automation is the way to go in the new Industrial revolution. Organisations have invested in all manner of technology for people processes, but if they haven’t achieved user acceptance of the same, the investment is sub-optimised. We advise on optimal HRIS systems and assist organisations to get their teams to use them to maximise efficiency of HR processes.


Besides having a compelling EVP to attract and retain high performers, we assist organisations in identifying the best talent in the market to suit their needs. The tools and methodologies we adopt combined with the people insights we have acquired over the years, place us in a great position to obtain good talent for your organisation right to the Boardroom level.

Besides retaining institutional memory within the organisation, good succession management practices allow you to motivate and retain good performers. We assist you to put these in place for the future of your organisation.

Your people need to discover their inner potential, accept it and drive it in the right direction at the right speed. Where careers are managed in an ad-hoc and unstirred manner, the individual is either left frustrated after a while, or becomes disengaged, or on the contrary, is promoted to a level of incompetency in a role that is incongruent with their aspirations. Let’s avoid this – talk to us!

So who do you have on board in your team? What is their potential for the future, and where are you going to get their replacement? Our business is to assist organizations to establish future talent guarantee in a structured manner. We are happy to help you do this.

Stable industrial relations is key to the engagement of all staff and to achieve superior productivity levels from your team. We assist organisations achieve sound industrial relations with stakeholders, staff and unions, through industrial relations training and support for CBA negotiations.

We assist you to build, develop and sustain all aspects of a compelling Employer Value proposition so that only the best talent wishes to work for you.

We believe that ‘when a fish rots, it begins with the head’. The leaders in the organisation must identify a Leadership Standard, and live by it, so that they role model what culture they expect of the organisation and lead their teams and the whole organisation by example.

The Executives in the business provide strategic insights to the shareholders and give support to their teams to deliver the goals of the business. They hover between strategic and operational excellence in their roles as leaders of the business. Are they sufficiently equipped to draw the best solutions for the business and for all stakeholders when faced with business dilemmas?

We believe that your HR team is key to driving the overall performance of the organisation right from the recruitment and selection of new staff, managing their performance, driving cultural issues, managing staff costs, elevating engagement through robust talent management policies, etc. If your HR team is only handling administrative matters due to their capability shortfalls, talk to us!

Nothing like a smooth transition for your incoming and outgoing expatriates and their families. We can link them to safe and secure housing, good schools for the children, cultural adjustment sessions and a general orientation to Kenya. We also assist in immigration matters.

This is the way we approach solutions for your company:

We diagnose
We work with you and your teams to determine the root cause of issues perceived that need our intervention to resolve.

We prescribe
Taking account of your current business realities and future strategic intent, we engage you and your team in defining optimal, cost-effective and implementable solutions.

We intervene
Agreeing achievable, time-bound action plans – clear responsibilities and resource requirements – and regularly monitoring and supporting the implementation thereof.

We do a post-implementation with you
Upon full implementation of agreed action plan, we review outcomes together for purposes of closure.

We offer a wide range of quality services on a flexible contracted or ad hoc basis. Whether it’s providing HR consultancy across the entire spectrum or working with you on just one focused project, we offer practical support in a professional but relaxed way to help you achieve the best possible results.