Recruitment & Selection

We have conducted hundreds of interviews across different business sectors and reviewed and screened thousands of applications as a team. This wealth of experience has trained us to apply the most efficient methods of identifying appropriate staff at different levels; from Executives to ‘Rank & File.’

What works is really understanding the business and the role, knowing what kind of person you want, and applying the appropriate tools to find that person. In-depth interview guides, business simulations, and case studies are examples of such tools. We assess the right skills through interview skills training, aptitude, competency-based, and psychometric tests and assessments.

We can assess talent and provide a comprehensive view of their competencies, personality traits, value drivers, and motivations, thereby avoiding costly issues down the road. Our candidate reports and feedback sessions are based on objective, observable facts, behaviors, strengths, and development needs, and they provide valid and reliable predictions of a candidate’s likely future performance.